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Marios Trigonis

Marios Trigonis is a Sea lover with path on wind and waves ... he loves sports and water is his second home ... surfing around the world always looking forward for a new experience for a new level ... Training for him never ends ... always there is something more ... Safety on teaching is for him the MUST ..always first on the water with his people .. is the one of the top watersports instructors in Greece and from 2023 a world wide ASI Associate Trainer  with - teaching - coaching experience of more than 2750 certifited hours placing him in the highest rate of  Surf ,Sup,Kitesurf instractors World Wide with the following diploma degress on his backround ..Iko level  1-2-3 instructor , iko teaching to children degree , iko streching for kiters degree, Asi Level 1-2- 3 instructor - Asi Sup Surf Rescue, Jobe SUP Gold Specialist  , Hellenic Search & Rescue Open Sea Rescuer , First Aid CPR - AED degree ,BLS degree ,First Person on Scene L1 , Lifecoast surf Rescue .Sports Tourism Degree. 

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